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Use Images instead of radio button and get the checked value and pass it to a h2 tag

Hi There,

I am using images to display radio buttons, but I am running into  trouble in getting the checked value and passing to a label. I am able to click on a image and set the radio button to checked, but if I click any another image, this images radio button also gets checked so now I have 2 radio buttons checked, I only want the one with the image selected and pass that value to h2 tag. Here is link for jfiddle showing a demo

jFiddle Demo

here is my code

<ul id="thumbnails1" class="noul swatch-colors">
<li><label class="lbswatches"><input name="swatch_color" value="Cherry Red"  type="radio"><img src="" class="full swatch-img" alt="Cherry Red" title="Cherry Red" width="32" height="32"></label></li>
<li><label class="lbswatches"><input name="swatch_color" value="Irish Green"  type="radio"><img src="" class="full swatch-img" alt="Irish Green" title="Irish Green" width="32" height="32"></label></li>
<li><label class="lbswatches"><input name="swatch_color" value="Jade Dome" type="radio"><img src="" class="full swatch-img" alt="Jade Dome" title="Jade Dome" width="32" height="32"></label></li>
<li><label class="lbswatches"><input name="swatch_color" value="Orange"  type="radio"><img src="" class="full swatch-img" alt="Orange" title="Orange" width="32" height="32"></label></li>
<h2 id="colorselected"></h2>

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My CSS li{float:left;margin:5px;padding:0;width:32px;height:32px}
.swatch-colors  li .swatch-img{cursor:pointer;display:block}
label.lbswatches > input{visibility:hidden;position: absolute;}
label.lbswatches > input + img{cursor:pointer;border:2px solid transparent;}
label.lbswatches > input:checked + img{border:2px solid #f00;}

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and my JS to set the radio button as checked when a image is clicked.

        $('#thumbnails1').delegate('img','click', function(){

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Thanks and appreciate it
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Julian Hansen
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You are welcome.