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I have a client who is setup on a client/server topology.  They have a Dell PowerEdge with Server 2008 installed.  It's the only server/domain controller.  The server is over 8 years old.  I quoted them a new server with hardware redundancy.  I recently get a call from client and someone recommended them to move to WD 4TB My Cloud MIrror Gen 2 Personal NAS to cut cost.  In addition, they recommended to replace Windows 10 and 7 PCs with iMacs.  We have the following applications installed on the server: Kaspersky Security Center, QuickBooks, IDrive cloud backup and BackupAssist that backups data locally to two external hard drives.  One thing that immediately caught my attention is that the NAS model they recommended is for personal home office use.  The tells me a lot about the person who recommended this.  Is the NAS storage secure compare to the server?  How does the cloud backup work?  Our server is currently backing up data to IDrive cloud from server.  Do they have to backup data from a client iMac?  Can you backup to cloud from NAS storage?  Also, do NAS storage have a built in backup for local backups to external drives?  I looked in to the WD PR4100 which is a RAID 5 NAS and also offers dual power.  What issues will they come across in the long run? Thanks.
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Software & Systems Engineer
It really depends on the client....the suggestion of WD Cloud storage indicates a home/small (very small) business ...
It would be much better with a small poweredge server like T30 or better T330 but i guess its all about budget..
After all a NAS is a NAS and a server is a (he) weighs his needs and acts accordingly
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer

The OP didn't provided enough information about the client's requirements but given the fact that there already an old server i reckon that it was small business so moving to a consumer grade solution in not recommended...given the fact the solution proposed was way too inferior in almost any aspect

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