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Change all hyperlink addresses (Network paths) on the active worksheet using VBA

Dear Experts:

below macro adds the substring _bw at the end of every hyperlink address such as ...

C:\test\MyProduct.pdf  (Before)
C:\test\MyProduct_bw.pdf  (After)

Could somebody please rewrite / tweak the code so that the other way round is also possible, i.e. I would like to delete the substring  _bw from the end of every hyperlink address.

Help is much appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.

Regards, Andreas

Sub UpdateHyperLink()
    Dim hLink As Hyperlink
    Dim wSheet As Worksheet
    Dim Link, StartNum, EndNum, StrFound
    Set wSheet = ActiveWorkbook.ActiveSheet
    For Each hLink In wSheet.Hyperlinks
         Link = hLink.Address
         Link = Replace(Link, Right(Link, 4), "_bw" & StrFound & Right(Link, 4))
         hLink.Address = Link
    Next hLink
End Sub

Function FindN(sFindWhat As String, sInputString As String, N As Integer) As Integer
    Dim J As Integer
    FindN = 0
    For J = 1 To N
        FindN = InStr(FindN + 1, sInputString, sFindWhat)
        If FindN = 0 Then Exit For
End Function

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