Looking for replacement for Barracuda Web and Spam filter

I was asked to start researching a replacement for our Barracuda Web and Spam filter. We have roughly 2k exchange users. I understand spam can be due to user behavior on the internet, so I know if we change our solution but users don't change their habits, then we are just trading off for a different set of problems/issues/complaints. I did some preliminary research on the net but see a lot of outdated articles and product promotions.

Anyone have any suggestions as to a good/better solution than a barracuda web and spam filter?  

Thanks in advance for any input you may offer.
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Adam BrownSenior Systems AdminCommented:
Are you using a Barracuda Appliance or their cloud service? Web filtering is a little screwy to get a good solution for, but the Sophos Advanced license includes web filtering capabilities that should meet your needs if you're also looking to get a new AV solution. For Spam, there are lots of options available. Barracuda has a good cloud spam solution. AppRiver is another good one. Microsoft's Exchange Online Protection is fairly good, but the controls are pretty screwy. It does, however, provide really good (and inexpensive) message encryption capabilities if you ad Azure Information protection on to it. I'd recommend going with a cloud solution for Spam, since they will help keep you from getting blacklisted a lot (Cloud spam filter providers generally keep on top of black-listing and whatnot, so that removes that issue from your plate).
jp2558tciAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply. We are not cloud based and we are using the barracuda email security gateway appliance. I'll check out cloud solutions since you mentioned it. I did get a data sheet on cisco appliance too and that has my piqued interest too.
Stuart HargreavesChief Operations OfficerCommented:
Try Spambrella the Proofpoint based service. https://www.spambrella.com
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MB ShaikhCommented:

You can try Iron Mail , which as initiated by Secure Computing and now under Intel brand, is a very good Anti Spam Solutions also they have Web protection too and many other solutions, moreover the support is excellent.

Stuart HargreavesChief Operations OfficerCommented:
IronMail was acquired by McAfee many years ago (As part of Secure Computing) and has been end of life since January 2017.
Ken BagnallFounderCommented:
Gartner peer reviews or spiceworks reviews can be good places for a neutral opinion on secure email gateways. https://www.gartner.com/reviews/market/secure-email-gateways  The Gartner one is heavily moderated and only accepts the vendor themselves, no re-badged services so its good.

As you mention user behaviour it may also be worth considering some "awareness training" either knowb4 for self service or phishingusertraining.com for a fully managed service or you can try and do it your self.

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