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Hyper-V management from Windows 10 to Server 2012 Core on a different domain

I have a Windows 2012 core server that I need to manage Hyper-V VMs on.  My available platforms are Windows 10 Enterprise on a different domain and Server 2008 that's on the same domain as the hyper-v host machine.

From what I'm reading, this isn't possible at all from the 2008 machine.  Just listing it for completeness sake.

From Windows 10, I can connect via Server Manager to the host, using a domain account on the Hyper-V host's domain (using "Manage As").  And I can connect to Hyper-V under Server Manager using that same domain account (using "Manage As").

When I attempt to connect using Hyper-V Manager from Windows 10, I can verify the host on the different domain through Check Name.  And there is an option to connect as a different user.  I put in my credentials for the other domain (<domain>\<username>) and I get returned "This version of the Hyper-V Management Tools cannot be used to manage servers running Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2012 R2 as another user".

From the web, I learned that there is a back level version included located at C:\program files\Hyper-V\6.2\vmconnect6.2.exe.  I launch this and I can browse for computers in the other domain, authenticate myself, and do check name successfully.  And it appears to connect.  But when I use the drop down for virtual machines, I get "<Error loading virtual machines>".

Is this even doable at all?  Or do I need to spin up a host in the other domain that I can RDP to and connect through?
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