Changing the Users Path and User Name in Windows 10 Home

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Hello, have a strange situation here, at least I've never run into this. I bought a new computer from a company and it arrived with Windows activated and ready to go (which at the time seemed very convenient), what the company had done was created a user called "Valued Customer" and setup Windows via this profile.

Once I got the system I set it up with my Microsoft credentials and I created a local account "JOHN", I logged off, rebooted, signed in with my Microsoft account and began installing my tools and programs...However I started to notice that all my downloads and my work was being saved via the path C:\Users\Valued Customers.
If I navigate to users I see the following users
John (personal)
MSSQL (SQL Server Express)
Valued Customer

This bothers me for some reason :) But now that I have  my programs installed I'm not sure how to change it. Windows 10 Home doesn't have the Pro options to get to User accounts, and I'm not that even if I could I should rename the account without messing up my system.
I've gone into God Mode, checked my user accounts and profiles, when I look at my profile I don't even see Valued Customer I see Default (which I am assuming is the Valued Customer) and I do see the other profiles. And when I look at where things download most do download to Valued Customer but some downloads download to C:Users\John\Downloads.

My question is, am I worried about this for nothing? Does it matter? If it matters is there a safe way to change it so it defaults to the account with my name?
What does the account look like on the local machine when you are signing in using your Microsoft account?

I notice that this account seems to be tied to OneDrive!  If I go to environmental settings I see C:users\Valued Customer\One Drive
then Path settings sucha s %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WIndowsApps:
I'm not sure if this has to do with OneDrive or not but thought I'd include it.

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Default user is like a template to create new users.  

Every user has an \AppData\Local\Microsoft\WIndowsApps directory (and other hidden directories) in their user directory.  Its where Apps can save the unique data and options for that user (like browser cache, templates, temp data, config information and so on).

The onedrive path exists because the valued user opened his onedrive at some point.  You can look to see (login from valued customer) if anything you might want is stored in there.  The vendor may have some standard tools or drivers they used when setting up the PC.  Or it may never have been used.
Question 1 is your john local account an administrator account?   I'm guessing it not an administrator, since you can't get to the User management control.  You should update John local to administrator.  You will need to do this from the valued user account.  After that login to John local.  You should be able to get to the User control screens.  Check your John account to see how things are working (able to get to  other control panel areas, downloads routing to John download, ability to access valued customers directories etc.).  

In my opinion,  I would delete the valued user account once satisfied john local was OK.  No point in confusing windows about what account is the boss.  Renaming valued customer will not change the user directory, paths  or functionality of valued customer.  Only the login name changes and that can confuse matters a year or two down, when you forgot where NewName's directories are kept.  

To delete valued customer ...  

From John local... Copy any downloaded or other files you want to keep from Valued user directories to John.  Then from control panel you should be able to delete the valued customer account.   It will ask if you want to delete valued customer's files... assuming all checked out OK under John and any files you needed are now in John's directories,  then you can check delete user files.  

Windows user delete with the delete file option sometimes looks like it didn't work until after the next reboot.   At that point the valued user directory in C:\Users should be gone or empty.  If its still there you can delete it.
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That is just the profile folder name for your user and is more throuble changing than it is worth. Changing it will break any absolute inner-profile links... Mine currently is sverm_000 and it doesn't bug me too much (>_<)

If you really want to change it, you need to logon with another user, rename folder and update entry in registry path

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList\YOUSID
ProfileImagePath=Your new path

Open in new window

It is more problem than it should be to change so I'm just going to keep it.


It's just more work than it's worth to change and I seem to be able to do my work. The local account was an admin account by the way. So, not sure what is going on. I just log in with my Microsoft Credentials now so this is the path I'll take!  Thanks

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