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CURL - HTTPS Error with PHP 5.5.12

HI folks,
  I am using PHP v 5.5.12 , Apache 2.4.9 (Wamp)  on a Windows 10. I am using localhost.
In my coding, I am trying to connect to a https website to exchange xml. I  keep receiving the following error:
Protocol "https not supported or disabled in libcurl"
I checked the php extensions and they are checked for curl.

My understanding is the ssl protocol was not complied and included with the built. I installed everything from Sourceforce/wampserver I did the automagic install for Apache, Php, Wampserver etc.
I did not compile any files etc. I am just totally confused after reading so many articles on how to correct it.
Could someone please give me simple complete step-by-step instructions. It would be appreciated...
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