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Docking station to dual port KVM switch

I am looking to make a purchase for one of my remote users. They have a Dell laptop and would like to connect the laptop to a USB docking station which has outputs for DVI,HDMI, and VGA:

Then from the docking station, connect to a dual port DVI KVM switch:

I am new to this type of setup. I plan on adapting the VGA from the docking station to DVI using this adapter:

My thought is I would then be able to connect both DVI monitors to the console ports on the KVM switch. PC1 would go to his personal computer via DVI cables and PC2 would go to the docking station via DVI cables w/ one of them using the adapter mentioned above. Would this work for my remote users' setup? He needs to be able to quickly switch between both systems. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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