Outlook 2010 custom view "conditional format" does not always turn email red.

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I have a "conditional format" that turns outlook messages red when this condition is true:
From Contains Company
From Contains Division

emails do not turn red when the message is sent  from:  portal@CompanyHQ.org on behalf of Joe Doe <joe.doe@divisionOffice.org>

For some reason the conditional format treats that email as if it was sent just from "Joe Doe"

I may be forced to use an ugly workaround.  I could use application_newmailex vba to add a user defined field called "UdfFrom".

The vba program populates UdfFrom  using sendermailaddress (which would be portal@CompanyHQ.org in this case).  Then if anything  is in item.sentonbehalfofname it would use Outlook.PropertyAccessor.GetProperty(PR_TRANSPORT_MESSAGE_HEADERS)  to get the email headers, then scans for the From Address, and adds that to the senderemail address.
Does anybody have a better solution?
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After 4 months, it appears no one has an answer.  So, I  believe that my workaround is the only solution.  I will PAQ this question.

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