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Oracle create type table from existing table%rowtype ?

Hi, I'm trying to create a test pipelined table function.  In the first declaration then i am receiving the following error:  

"Identifier LOADER.SD_DIM_DATE must be declared."

How do I create a type based on an existing object, ie a table or cursor?

create type tDateDim AS table of LOADER.SD_DIM_DATE%ROWTYPE;
create or replace function tvf_DateDimm
return LOADER.SD_DIM_DATE%ROWTYPE pipelined is
  FOR i in (select * from LOADER.SD_DIM_DATE) loop
  end loop;
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8/22/2022 - Mon
Sean Stuber

you can't create a type directly off another object like you can with a pl/sql declaration.
Sean Stuber

you can generate DDL for an object and a related table by querying an existing table's columns

That might look someting like this...

         || table_name
         || '_OBJ IS OBJECT ('
         || LISTAGG(
                || ' '
                || CASE data_type
                       WHEN 'NUMBER' THEN 'NUMBER(' || data_precision || ',' || data_scale || ')'
                       WHEN 'VARCHAR2' THEN 'VARCHAR2(' || data_length || ')'
                       WHEN 'CHAR' THEN 'CHAR(' || data_length || ')'
                       ELSE data_type
                ',' || chr(10)
            WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY column_id)
         || ');'
         'CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE ' || table_name || '_TAB IS TABLE OF ' || table_name || '_OBJ;'
    FROM user_tab_cols
   WHERE table_name = 'EMP'
GROUP BY table_name

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The query is just a template.  You may need to expand it for timestamps or intervals with varying resolutions or to specify byte vs char in lengths.
slightwv (䄆 Netminder)

>>Hi, I'm trying to create a test pipelined table function

Do you have a requirement to create a pipelined function from an existing table definition or are you just wanting to play around with pipelined functions?
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William Peck

Hi, I am playing around trying to understand how they work.  Do I have to create an explicit custom type each time I want to create a pipelined function, ie if I want to return a dataset that's got lot's of columns.  All examples online are very generic and use examples that don't seem practical.  ie, iterating from 1 .. 10 etc...I'd like an example of returning data from a table or cursor or query ... I'm not even sure if this is possible...
Sean Stuber

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Thanks sdstuber, apologies for the late reply.  This whole concept has been confusing to me, but I think I am coming around, have been able to create what I wanted with the help of this post.