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BIND9 - DNS redirect?

We have a website that was hosted by us.  We have an A record defined for the site so that  uses this address  The vendor wants us to change the ip address to one of theirs.

So that requests to are redirected to their ip addy,

How is this done?  Do you define an A record with the ip address in the proper zone file and then setup a CNAME to do the redirect?  Or can it be done with just an A record?
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Jan hi - Thanks for the detailed explanation. Just an A record is required.  This will help a few of us out.

 I'm trying to understand how you can have a subdomain that you are authoritative for point to an ip address from the vendors domain that you're not authoritative for. The vendors ip address in our zone file seems out of place.  I had thought that you could only use the ip addresses you were authoritative for.
Not in forward zones.
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Thanks for the explaining that point.