ESXi 5.1 to 6.5, problems when add VMs to inventory

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I installed ESXi 6.5 over an ESXi 5.1 host. The disks' datastores remained intact, but no VMs exist in inventory. When I browse a datastore and add a VM to inventory, the VM's icon in the inventory list appears faded, like it is disabled. When I power on the VM, nothing happens. When I try to power off the VM, I get an error that the VM is already powered off. The VM appears to be corrupted.

When I deploy a UVF template, it takes way too long (an hour instead of 6 minutes).

I'm a little frustrated; I tried this on a nested ESXi host and the VMs all worked fine. No problems.

Am I doing something wrong? Should I go back to 5.1?

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are you using the vSphere client to manage this?  it isn't designed for 6.5; you need to use the web client
in my test environment, i have had some weird issues with the client on 6.5 (expected since not supported) including what you are describing as faded icons when adding to inventory and menu options not working as expected

use the web client and see if it works
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VSphere Client no longer supported.

You must use the host client direct to host or Web Client if you have vCenter.

Also worth checking if Host on HCL


Did you have problems with the host client and 6.0? I am currently on the free version and plan to go to the web client this summer.


I went back to 5.1. Thanks.

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