Setting up App Virtualisation using MS RDS

Jamesm007 used Ask the Experts™
I am hoping for some advice as to how I can setup an app virtualisation using RDS on Server 2016.

I have currently a test machine working fine, but in the production environment, I will require Web access gateway, RD Gateway, Connection broker etc.

Can someone point me to a document(s) to help me design and implement theses servers.

I have come from a VMWare background and learning about MS RDS.
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Gaurav SinghSolutions Architect

you will need to have SSL certificate to deploy RDS services on Server 2016 and a gateway server. Hope below link might help you.
Software & Systems Engineer
The Key word is "RemoteApp" a technique used by Microsoft that essentially wraps the functionality of an application "inside" a RDS session.
You need domain controls and deploy it and if have any more questions come back..
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer

The OP didn't provided enough feedback but the information given was correct so probably he used it to proceed with his plans

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