Start a video in WMP (Access 2013) at a defined time within the video

James Stevens
James Stevens used Ask the Experts™

I am working in access and am trying to determine if there is a way to have the windows media player control start a video at a specific point as well as stop at a specific point either determined via code of within a field on the form.  

I have the player working running the video but am hoping to have it run from a time to a time and stop.

is this possible?
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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS Liason
Most Valuable Expert 2012

What code are you using now?

If the time ranges are predefined, for example:

...Then it may be easier to just use a video editing program to make separate files for each chapter...


I am using VBA in Access.  Right now I have a button to watch the video which opens a form.  The on open event plays a video clip as defined the field text44.  At this time I am splitting the files in a video editor but as this takes a great deal of time I thought maybe there was a way to simply record the time ranges for each record and not have to edit a file 15-20 times.

Following is my current code:
Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)

Set player = Me.WindowsMediaPlayer6.Object
player.settings.autoStart = True
player.URL = Me.Text4

    With Me
        .WindowsMediaPlayer6.Height = .InsideHeight
        .WindowsMediaPlayer6.Width = .InsideWidth
    End With
End Sub
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS Liason
Most Valuable Expert 2012

Sorry, ...I thought you only needed a few "Chapters"
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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS Liason
Most Valuable Expert 2012
Here is a link to all the windows video play properties...
It seems that the file you are opening must support the needed properties:
SelectionEnd       Read/Write       Sets or retrieves a value specifying the time when playback of the current clip will stop.
SelectionStart       Read/Write       Sets or retrieves a value specifying where playback of the current clip will begin.
MarkerCount       Read-only       Retrieves a value specifying the number of markers in the current clip.
CurrentMarker       Read/Write       Sets or retrieves a value indicating the current marker number.
CanSeekToMarkers       Read-only       Retrieves a value specifying whether markers in the file can be located with a seek operation.
CanSeek       Read-only       Retrieves a value specifying whether the current file has the ability to seek to a specific time.
Thank you for the assistance!  The information above got me onto the right track.  

The code that ended up working was:
.Controls.currentPosition = # of seconds into the video
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS Liason
Most Valuable Expert 2012


Can you post the code for let's say, ...2 "Chapters"

This would be a great help for other members searching here for the same issue...

BTW, ...I believe you can actually accept your own post as the solution here...
Congratulations on getting this going!

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