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2 of 20 machines, Domain Access lost, BUT NOT connectivity (Internet works 100% of time)

I have two workstations that are experiencing an odd problem that I am having trouble identifying and fixing.

Periodically, and randomly these two machines are losing their network domain access (the visible part of the problem is all of the mapped network drives have a red "X" on them), they can't access those drives, but they still have Internet Access, so the network card is fine.  There are a couple of dozen other workstations on the same subnet, same essential setup, and NONE of the other systems experience the problem.  Rebooting, logging off, or just waiting will fix the problem, sometimes, probably.

I am heading over to the offices now to pull pertinent log entries so save for future reference.

Right now I am thinking that there is something unique about these two systems (software, user activity) that is the source of this headache.

These are both W7 Pro, on a VM based 2008 Server.
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