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ML110G6 BIOS DownloadHi,

  I have a HP ML110 G6 server and need to apply new BIOS, but according to HP website, it requires a entitlement. This is an old server that is being used for testing and I have no desire to pay for support to HP.
  Is there a way to download BIOS update without Entitlement?

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Scott CSenior Engineer

I ran into something similar not too long ago with some HP thin clients that needed a BIOS update.  I could not get the BIOS update from anywhere except HP and I did end up having to pay the fee for support.

In my case it was just a few dollars, but I did have to pay it to get the upgrade.

So, unless you know somebody with the exact same server or can find your BIOS update somewhere on the internet, then no, there won't be a way to download the BIOS update without paying for it.
Top Expert 2014
Lucky you it's on the 10.10 DVD which is still a free download even though it says "entitlement required".



Let me try it and I will report report back.


Logical Drive DetailsRAID Configuration MenuWindows Setup can't find the driveRAID Driver loaded@Andy
That worked. After applying new BIOS, I saw HP Smart Array B110i SATA RAID Configuration.
But when I tried to install Windows 2012R2, during the installation process, it did not show my hard drive.  So i downloaded the driver (HpAHClsr.inf) from USB and loaded it during Windows 2012R2 installation process, but still it would not show my 1TB Raid partition (that consists of two 1TB HDs in RAID 1).
Then I thought that I needed to create a logical volume off my 1TB logical drive, but I don't see anywhere in  HP Smart Array B110i SATA RAID Configuration program in BIOS where I can create a logical volume.


 Instead of dealing with built-in controller, I have decided to use LSI RAID Controller and it is working.
 Thank you for providing the link.

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