subtr returning incorrect value

hi am in oracle 11gR2
when i did  SELECT SUBSTR('6210 - 14 - 242 - 8258', 10, 4) FROM DUAL; am geting -2
where emp = substr(emid,1,4))
and empcode= substr(emid,5,2))
and empsr=substr(emid,7,4));

select cii.sin from im_item_bii bii, im_item_cii cii where nsc = '6210' and ncb = '14' and item_no = '2428258' and cii.sin = bii.sin

i what value to separated like this
am in 11g
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
>>when i did  SELECT SUBSTR('6210 - 14 - 242 - 8258', 10, 4) FROM DUAL; am geting -2

Yes.  Column 10 starts at the '-'.

If the data has some spaces and some without and you cannot rely on substr, I would probably use regex_substr:
      regexp_substr(mycol,'[0-9]+',1,1) first_val,
      regexp_substr(mycol,'[0-9]+',1,2) second_val,
      regexp_substr(mycol,'[0-9]+',1,3) || regexp_substr(mycol,'[0-9]+',1,4) third_val

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awking00Information Technology SpecialistCommented:
>>when i did  SELECT SUBSTR('6210 - 14 - 242 - 8258', 10, 4) FROM DUAL; am geting -2<<
What I really suspect you are getting is the four-character string "space minus sign space 2" that starts at the tenth character of the string which is the space after the 14. What did you expect to get?
>>i what value to separated like this<<
How? As one column with three rows or as three columns or what?
Column 10 starts at the space before the - sign, so the output is correct.
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chalie001Author Commented:
what if value is enter like this 6240142956550
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
>>what if value is enter like this 6240142956550

If that is the format 100% of the time, then substr will work 100% of the time.  Just provide the correct offsets and lengths.

6240 is substr(the_value,1,4)
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
or just change your select:
select cii.sin from im_item_bii bii, im_item_cii cii where nsc||ncb||item_no = '6210142428258' and cii.sin = bii.sin
awking00Information Technology SpecialistCommented:
You might try select translate('6210 - 14 - 242 - 8258','x -','x') which removes the dashes and spaces if they exist and leaves as is if they don't.
chalie001Author Commented:
i use substr
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