Chrome 32 seems to have a lot of processes in Windows 7 Task Manager - MalwareBytes found a lot of probs after Grammarly install.

Everything was going well until one of the two users installed Grammarly Extension for Word 2010.  THEN - MalwareBytes Anti-Exploit reported a change for the worse in Word, computer got very slow.  Ran Malwarebytes and found PUP and other problems that might not have been related to Grammarly.

Now, being suspicious of everything, they notice that the task manager shows  that there are 8+  processes running for Chrome 32.  Facebook and Gmail are  open.

We removed all the unnecessary Chrome extensions we could find.  Grammarly was uninstalled using the Windows 7 control panel

Are these processes to be expected?  Anything else we should run besides MalWareBytes?

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RaminTechnical AdvisorCommented:
your best try could be Restore the computer using earlier Restore point.

to do this:
Restart Windows and just before the Windows logo appears  press and Hold f8 Key on Keyboard. If you missed, restart it again.

Select Repair Your Computer  and Enter.  select "en" for English and then in next menu select Admin and type Admin

Password, then go to System Recovery Options, then select System Restore, then select the date that the computer was Okay and let it to do the rest.

then run a full scan with an Antivirus.
Chrome has many processes by design.

There is really no need to kill them. If you exit chrome and restart it the number will drop and build up again after a while.

The number will also increase if the user opens multiple chrome sessions rather than using tabs.
You probably got rid of any malware with Malwarebytes.

You can see what's eating your system by doing a little bit of analysis with task manager. Click on performance and if it's near 100% or at 100% your cpu is fully utilized. Click on processes and click on the cpu column to order by cpu usage and find the heaviest users and check if they are valid. Kill any invalid processes. Add the cpu time column to find the heaviest user over time.

Make sure you have enough memory because if you run out, you run into memory and disk swapping which slows things down a lot.
To utilise and spare the resources in your computer CPU  Chrome uses all your cores.
To see how many cores of your cpu it is using open a task manager
Chrome cores
If your computer is running slow look in the taskmanager and see what is hogging your system.
Look in Processes.
Become familiar with the processes.
A reboot is often good if you dont shutdown very often.

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Kenny InnesCommented:
open chrome and press SHIFT and ESC this opens chrome task manager rather than windows and may help you find the culprit.
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