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Writiing to Word document bookmark from Excel VBA

I have an Excel VBA script that writes to a Word document which is created from an existing template.

In the footer of this template, there are three sections.  From left to right:

- Date/Time (left justified)
- Descriptive Text
- Page Number (right justified)

The Descriptive Text is identified by a bookmark I created in the template.  It should be centered.  

Up until now, the Descriptive Text has, in fact, been centered (or so it seemed).  However, when I added another word to the end of this text, it becomes off-center.  It looks like it is left justified starting at the insertion point of the defined bookmark.  

I tried changing the alignment of the text to "center", but then it tries to center the date/time on the left as well.

It would be so nice if I could demo this via a screen share or something!

Any guidance, suggestions, or encouraging "words" on how to accomplish this are most appreciated.  Thank you !!!
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