How to enable NAT policy in sonicwall

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how to create NAT policy (inbound/Outbound) on sonic-wall firewall.
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SonicWall it's one of the simplest to configure firewall
If you know what you want to do it's very easy to configure.

First you need to define WAN and LAN and/or DHCP settings to have your network configuration complete.
Then you need to add Address Objects.
Address object is a computer in your network where you want to forward traffic on specific port to.
Then you need to create Service Object. Service Object it's a object with single or multiple ports you want to use in your NAT rule

Then you need to go to Firewall and create new rule and select your Address object and apply Service Object to it.

For Example.

If you have server1 and you want to re-rout FTP traffic to this server and server IP is

You need to create Address Object,,, name it let say FTPSERVER and put IP to his properties.
Then you need to create Service Object name it FTP Traffic and apply port 21 to it.

Then you going to Firewall and Create rule for Address object FTPSERVER and Apply FTP Traffic service object to it.

For now all traffic on port 21 will be forwarded to your Internal Server1
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