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windows event log error 1000 DSM what does this mean?

I am getting a windows event log error Application  DSM 1000  Certificate Security violation. This certificate could not be validated.  My certificates are all up to date on the server.  Can anyone tell me what this is and the impact of this. Windows Server 2008 R2 standard edition.
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Jackie Man
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What Applications are on the server which require the certificate?
Are these from an internal CA server or from a public CA source? Does the server have upto date root certificates. For certificates to be validated, they need access to the CA's web server via the CRL (Certificate Revocation List) URL  to check the dates on the certificate against the server.
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Are you referring to trend Micro deep security manager, Microsoft Distributed Scan Management or others..? From the error message, most of the time the SSL certificate cannot be found from the machine store or the chain of certificate cannor be found..will be good to share the snippet of the event log.
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Symantec Certificate that protects a few folder on a web site. running IIS 7.0   This was installed last July and does not expire till next July.  Have been using their certificates with annual renewal for some time and never got this error.  The users are still getting to the protected sites but some of them are just sent back to the logon page then can get in later.  I don't know about DSM but the error message is saying that the certificate could not be validated.  Could it be on the browser side maybe if they don't have TSL checked?

Could I re-install the same certificate to possibly correct this?
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