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Windows Server 2012 R2 - connect to computer

I backed up a SQL database on my server.  I need to copy that file to another server.  I was trying to connect to my computer first and copying the file there.  

I can't find my computer on the network in windows explorer.  I tried to share the C drive on my computer and use the \\username\c but unable to connect.

Any suggestions how I can copy that file?
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How about using IP

Open in new window

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Doesn't work.

So, I opened command prompt and typed hostname.  Got the name of the server computer.  I see it on the network and I logged in but it is empty.  No C drive.

I also got my computer name and tried to access my computer from the server but it gets an 0x80004005 error.
First you must enable File and Printer sharing on your Computer and network discovery on server
Make sure you have selected File and Printer in Windows 7 firewall as enabled.

Then you can use:


\\Windows 7 IP\C$ (for exmple \\\c$)
 to get access to your computer C drive
I assume your connecting from Server to your computer (member of your domain) as computer or domain admin !!!
How about setting a temp folder on the destination machine..share it and try order to do it quick and dirty in the sharing add "Everyone" & "INTERACTIVE"
On my computer I created a temp folder.  I shared it.  Added everyone.  

Went to server and attempted to connect \\computername\temp.

Received Windows can't access \\computername\temp

When I show details it is the 0x800004005 error.
It looks like you File and Printer sharing is not enabled on your computer firewall
But on the server I go to network and it displays a bunch of computers including printers.
you're doing ti backwards.. share the folder with the sql.bak file then on the other computer access the file and then copy it.
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Below are the permissions I have set.  Still having issues.
I was finally able to accomplish what I wanted.  I tried it on Friday but it worked today.  On the servers I applied Tom's solution.  I then connected to each server successfully and copied the file from the Production server to my computer then to the Test server.