How to convert a PDF document to two pages

can a 11x17 be converted to 2 8.5x11 in ADOBE ACROBAT
Alex GuizarAsked:
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Katie PierceCommented:
You could probably duplicate the page and then crop each one to 8.5x11. (Document -> Crop Pages or Ctrl+Shift+T)

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Joe WinogradDeveloperCommented:
Karl Heinz Kremer is the all-time, overall leader in Adobe Acrobat points here at EE — nearly 3.3 million! He wrote a tool that does what you want. His original post for it (at his own site) is here:

Note this comment in it:
...if our combined page is 11×17", and we want to extract two 8 1/2×11" pages...
So it does exactly what you're looking for. He has since updated that post, which he did in the Acrobat 9 days, to work with the newer Acrobat X and XI (and he said in comment that "this should also work in Acrobat DC"):

Regards, Joe

Update: When I hit the Submit button, I saw Katie's comment, which is a good one, and may work for you, depending on your situation. An issue with cropping is that you'd have to "eyeball" it, and it would be difficult, if not impossible, to get each piece to be exactly 8.5x11. But if you're OK with "close enough" (and with doing it manually, presumably just once, or a small number of times) that's an easy way to go. Nice idea, Katie!
Joe WinogradDeveloperCommented:
Solutions were provided. Splitting the points evenly between the two experts/solutions. Also, this question has nothing to do with Quality Assurance, so removed that Topic and added the (proposed) PDF Topic.
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