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Workstation for Server 2012 r2 Essentials keeps dropping from domain

I have one work station that the user, about every 6 mo, cannot get into using Remote Desktop connection, the error they receive is

Authentication error has occurred
The Local Security Authority cannot be contacted

There is a second piece of the message
This could be due to an expired password
Please update your password if it has expired

I checked and the password has not expired

What seems to fix it is to rejoin the workstation to the server again, even though it thinks it still is part of the domain.
i.e. https://servername/connect

How can I prevent this from happening?
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That error means you entered wrong or expired password.
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It looks like you have PASSWORD POLICY setup in your GPO and every 6 month user is require to change password.
If he will fail to do so then password is expired and he has problem to logon.
You can go to user properties on DC and select field Password Never Expire or you can change policy to disable this function.
Also you can change password for user and set reminder in his outlook for let say one week before expiration to remind hem to change password before will expire.

Decision is yours.
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The password did not expire, before rejoining the workstation to the domain I used
net share username /domain to check it.  It was not expired

I know I did not enter the wrong password when it failed for me because I used remembered credentials when I tried and it failed.  I also used the same method after rejoining the workstation to the domain and it did not fail.

If the password had expired for the user it would have failed after rejoining the workstation to the domain, that did not happen.

Unless I'm misunderstanding what you are telling me this is not a password expiration problem, I don't know what it is.  The message seems to be misleading.

I think the key is this part of the error message

"The Local Security Authority cannot be contacted"
It is a generic message for failed authentication.
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Tom Cieslik
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Or change password of local admin using domain administrator account...
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Or change password of local admin using domain administrator account...??

Not sure what this means, how does this affect an individual userid password