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As400 - Remote Journaling on system journal

Our shop has not used journal until a couple months ago when I added them to a couple master files for audit trail purpose. So, my experience with journaling is very limited. I don’t mind digging but would like to not chase my tail for hours on something that is not possible if I can help it.

Can I add remote journaling to a system journal? Specially, QAOSDIAJRN (Journal for DIA files). I have been researching how to setup a remote journal and thought I read somewhere remote journals could not be done on ‘Q’ files outside QGPL. Has anyone done a remote journaling on this system journal before? Any tips?

Thank you in advance!
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Lynn,  one more thought.  You may be able to safely use remote journaling with library redirection with QAOSDIAJRN, but proceed with caution, of course.  Take a full system backup before-hand, test on a non-production system, and make sure you have a good understanding of journaling and remote journaling first.  On a current system, I'd suggest talking to IBM Support first for guidance, but with an older system that probably isn't an option.
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Hi Gary,

You are correct the is on the old systems. I will be sure to include it next time.

First, thank you for all the information and links.  As always you help is much appreciated. Having the 'plan' is great! I have read the first manual and a bunch of other stuff I found. I did not have the v4r5 link and will save it for sure  I have been very reluctant to jump in because it of my lack of experience with journals in general and the fact it is a system journal. We back up nightly and the usage on the email system is much lighter on the weekend.  So, if I'm going to give it a try over the weekend is best. I'm not sure if I will proceed or not.  I would love to play and learn but either as a source or target I'm messing with production. The v4r4 is not production but v4r5 is our main inhouse Email.

Question on the RDB.  When I do wrkrdbdir the system rdb on both have the same local name .... will that cause a problem? With normal file journaling (or  system).

Another thought was to FTP the current receiver (I'm starting doing a  chgjrn each night at backup so the receiver has the current days info only .. plus I send the prior receiver to our main system for backup) to the remote system with a savrstobj and use apply journal changes with it. The users, configure, libraries, folder/files etc would be synced first. The recovery don't have to be real time but just at throughout the day until we more to Notes.

Thanks!! again Gary.
Just assign an alias on the ADDRDBDIRE command to deal with the identical RDB names.

Replication of more than just application data between systems can be a fairly complex topic.  Most shops that have this requirement use a third party replication tool Mimix / ODS/OMS / iTera / qedd, etc.  

Those that do it manually usually use some combination of remote journaling / remote apply, object shipping (SAVLIB / SAVOBJ / SAVCHGOBJ / restore on target), and or full system save/restore depending on replication requirements, downtime tolerance, etc.  It is important to develop processes to determine that you key objects are in sync, and to occasionally test failover to the backup system (we like to see it done at least twice a year).  I don't have any clients that do replication on as old a system as yours.  OS releases being different complicates the picture, too.  Generally you want the target system to be at the same release as the source system, or newer, since forward compatibility is less likely than backwards compatibility, in general.
Thank you Gary.

Lots to think about. Our plan is to keep the systems sync manually for everything but email and document changes. We don't make changes to the info that often. New users, name changes, etc.  Then the plan would be to apply the changes each day via one of the methods (provided I can get it to work). Thanks again.
If the requirement is just daily sync, I would just use save and restore.
I with that were the case. We need recovery throughout the day but does not need to be real time.
Thank you Gary.