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How to export Yahoo mail nicknames cache


I am working with a new client on a project to migrate them from Yahoo mail to Office 365.  Some of the users have been using Yahoo's nicknames feature as their sole "address book" for years now.  So as to be clear, by Nicknames I'm referring to the list of matching email addresses of prior recipients which pops up when a user composes a message and starts to type an address in the To: field.  I know how to export the Outlook nicknames.  Is anyone familiar with a way that you can export the Yahoo Nicknames list to e.g. a CSV or similar export file?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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8/22/2022 - Mon
David Johnson, CD

outlook is an email client, yahoo is an email provider, so the nicknames should be in outlook.

David, the users in question have never even opened Outlook.  The only email program they've ever used is Yahoo, via the web interface.  So the nicknames will not be in Outlook.  Again, the addresses appear in Yahoo in the Auto Suggestion list when a user composes a message and starts typing any letters that match up with any past recipients.  And they've never saved any addresses to their Yahoo contacts list.
David Johnson, CD

What about their yahoo contacts they can be exported?
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The question was specifically regarding how to export the Yahoo nicknames.  For anyone with a recent version of Yahoo Mail, there is an export option under the Contacts tab, so exporting the Yahoo contacts can definitely be done.  Again, though, that is not the issue nor the basis for my question, which was asking how to export the Yahoo nicknames.  I also mentioned in my prior response that they've never saved any recipients to their Yahoo Contacts.  So that can not be part of any solution.

As it turns out, there is no way to do this.  I was working with Microsoft's Office 365 support on this migration project and asked them the same question.  They inquired via a Yahoo tech portal they have access to, and found out immediately that there is no way to do this.  Apparently, Yahoo does not want to make it quite so easy for anyone to migrate off their system.  

So the solution is... there is no solution.  :-(

Too bad.  Thanks for your thoughts just the same.