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setting up a wifi network with public access for a restaurant


I just walked into a bit of a mess of a networking closet.

Right now it goes like this

Comcast modem/router combo going into a netgear router (used as an access point) and into three other random branded routers set up as wifi APs.

So before me getting there, a company sold them and installed a HP Aruba 2530-24g-poe+ switch, and 3 Ruckus AP's.

My question is this, I have limited resources and limited hardware choices.

How do i set up the 3 APs with a guest SSID on a separate vlan so it doesn't have access to the internal network, and a private internal SSID.

I've only used Cisco Managed switches, never HP. What should host DHCP? How do i get two different pools, one for the internal and one for the guest? How do i set up the two vlans to be separate?

Preferably GUI instructions, not CLI if i could.

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