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Menu Macro ‘Action Failed’, Access 2003

I got an unexpected error report (twice) today from a user of a long running, stable application. By stable I mean three years full time every day with 40 – 50 users.  No changes were made recently, especially to this area.

I’ve been developing in Access for over 15 years and never encountered this situation.  I used the application specific ‘Main_Menu’ as the Menu Bar on all of the forms in my other applications also.

This application is split and each user has their own copy of the application on their machine, all linked to the backend Access MDB
The macro that failed was ‘Main_Menu’.  This menu appears at the top of all of the forms in this application.  It is defined as the ‘Menu Bar’ on all of these forms.

It failed loading ‘Reports_menu’.
User generated imageThe failure appeared as soon as the application tried to open the form.

About this Macro
Main Menu has 4 ’AddMenu’ rows, each adding another menu macro.  File_Menu, Action Menu, Reports_Menu and Admin_Menu in that order.
File Menu contains only 1 ‘RunCommand’ row, ‘Exit’.
Action Menu contains 4 rows, 3 ‘RunCodes’ and 1 RunMacro.
Reports_Menu has 5 ‘RunCode’ lines.
Admin_Menu has 27 ‘RunCode’ lines.

I am at a loss as to what could cause this issue, especially twice on one user machine in the same day but not any of the other 49 machines using the Main_menu macro for the last three years.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am providing as much detail as possible but if more is need to resolve this issue please let me know.
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After the first occurrence of the error, I had the user refresh her copy of the FE from the copy on the network, which is the one all users  refresh every morning.   After the refresh her screen worked as designed a few times and then the same error occurred again.
did you repair the office installation?
I can't try that until Monday.

Based on your recommendation it does seem like this issue is pretty rare.  Correct?
yeah, it could be the hardware too.  
Also, find out if there was something in that box that is not common to the other pc.
Is the box experiencing dropping connection from the network?
I will check.  Thanks for the  tips.
Thanks You