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Run an action on recently added records to a table


I have an INSERT SQL query which is contained within a LOOP action.  When the LOOP is completed I need to ask the user if they want to run a task relating to the new records which were just inserted.

My plan at the moment is to have a new field added to the table which the data is being inserted and name it NEW (yes/no).  When new records are inserted, the insert query will assign them YES.  At the end of the process when the user is asked if they want to see/print the newly inserted records I can then run a select query based on that table where the NEW field = true/1.  Once this has run I will set all TRUE fields to FALSE.

Does this method make sense?  Am I going about this totally wrong?  Is there a better and cleaner way of approaching this?  Really happy to see suggestions of simpler coding.

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