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Battery draining in Iphone 4s

Recently this IPhone 4s,  running on IOS 9.3.5,  is  shedding Battery power rapidly ( full charge lasts four hours maximum). Is there anything in Settings which might tell me why?  Is it the hardware or the software?

I inserted a new battery about two months ago (before this problem arose) and it worked properly.  However it is an old phone and the cover screws are missing. Recently the phone lost all power and  went dead. I reset the Battery connections, and it worked, but the drain on  battery power recurred.  I then got a new battery and inserted it. However this made no difference to the problem.

I have checked various instructions for preserving battery life and followed them, but it makes no real difference.  Wondering what might be the cause?
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Tom Cieslik
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Try close all applications and check draining time.
If this will tell you that battery is draining fast it's going to point to battery condition
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The battery is brand new.  The previous battery was also relatively new. Don't think it is the battery.

Have now discovered that the phone will not switch off. When I press the button and 'slide across to power off' the phone shuts down but within seconds starts up again.  

I checked internet for this issue. It seems that this is a fairly common problem and refusal to shut down goes side by side with battery drainage. The problem seems to be with the docking unit. Solutions suggested (and which do apparently work) are cleaning the docking unit with toothbrush or compressed air, or (more frequently) replacing the docking unit.
I had an iPhone 4s (2 of them) and I am very familiar with the problem.

Turn off email checking and fetch manually (hourly checks if you must let the phone check).
Turn off iCloud and check manually.
Turn most updates and location checking off.

I did the above and the phone would last most of a day. Still 4 to 6 hours is about all you get.

I upgraded to an iPhone SE (2 of them). This is a 6s in a 5 case. So it has a big battery and lasts all day.
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Done all that John. Made no real difference. See my post about inability to switch off . That seems to be important.  i cannot close down the phone. When I close it, it immediately restarts . The only circumstance where it closes properly is when the phone is connected to the power supply.(is charging)
Remove the charging cable (cannot have it connected), hold down the top power button until you see the power off icon. Swipe it off. Now it will go off.

Also, 4 hours for an iPhone 4s is not that bad for an older phone.
Please post battery information as per Kyle's post in ID42044530
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Thanks for that
Have  enough to go on. Will be out of contact for next 3 months so will close this now
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How long does your battery last?
Fwiw, buying second hand charging devices increase wear and tear on devices.  Improper voltage of charger cable or outlet can contribute to that degradation of battery life.  Try to always use Apple charging devices but if you're cutting costs make sure to buy the right type of generic charging cable.  Take care.