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Want to run vmware

I want to run vmware on Pentium g2030,3GHz and 4GB ram and 500GB hardisk also 64bit operating system.
Can I Run vmware ??????????
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Yes . VMware Workstation will work fine. You need much more disk space to run virtual machines.
Sorry. I misread. 500GB is adequate hard drive space for several machines.
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Vmware workstation or player? Yes you can.
You might wish to consider upgrading to 8 GB of memory, But 4 will work for one guest machine given 1 GB of memory
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Shrinidhi Yeri


Sir But which version of vmware workstation will work with processor Intel G2030 plz tell know.
Sir which version of vmware workstation will run on Intel Pentium G2030.
VMware Workstation 12.5.3 will work. Newest
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Sir but how to Ensure???
Thanks. Start your machine in BIOS and look in the BIOS for virtualization settings.
Okay John Sir
Sir one more question I want to ask.  It may be silly I don't know about vmware can we run vmware workstation 12.5.2 on Intel Pentium G2030.
Yes it should work fine. Newest version (2 days ago) is 12.5.3.  You can download it and install it and make sure it runs to your satisfaction and then license it after.
Sir can vmware workstation on 32bit Intel Pentium G2030.
Yes but you said you were running a 64-bit OS.  With a 32-bit host, you can only run 32-bit operating system. You need to try out first before you buy.
Sorry Sir but I have 2Pc's
It is unusual today for a computer not to be able to run a 64-bit operating system. One of them should do that.
Sir I want to install vmware workstation on second PC. I have never installed it on the 2nd PC it is first time I am trying to install vmware workstation 12.5.2 but I am not able to download it. It's features are
1] 32bit operating system
2] Processor is the same Intel Pentium G2030
3] 3GHz
4] 4GB Ram
Can vmware workstation 12.5.2 run?????
The host machine must have a 64-bit operating system. I thought you did

If your operating system is 32-bit, you need to get a 64-bit operating system. Then you should be fine.
Thanks Sir.
You have a very low specification PC to use for virtualization.

Change OS to 64 bit and upgrade memory or use a newer PC.
Sir 4 GB ram is not enough
The hypervisor e.g. VMware Workstation and Host OS will need memory.

What is left can be used by the Virtual Machine.

But what VM do you want to run?

A 32bit OS has a maximum memory limit of 4GB.

So we are back to upgrade OS to 64 bit so you can at least run the application.

And then consider a memory upgrade if possible.