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Increment Text on Drawing Circles (List of)

vwalla asked
Last Modified: 2017-03-16
I am developing a target software and I need to keep track of shots on the picturebox using drawstring and a number by the circle. My issue is that every circle I draw, all the numbers on the previous circle update to the same (i.e. 4 circles all have "4", draw another and they all update to "5", etc.).

Every time I click (add a shot) I want to increment the number (1,2,3,etc.)

I have attached an image and my code:

Here is my code:

Bullet Class

Public Class Bullet

Sub New(ByVal g As Graphics, ByRef center As Point, ByVal radius As Integer, ByVal ShotNo As Integer,
        ByRef x As Integer, ByVal y As Integer, ByVal txt As String, _font As String)

    ' Select a pen object and make it red
    Dim inPn As New Pen(My.Settings.Shot_Color_InnerCircle)
    Dim osPn As New Pen(My.Settings.Shot_Color_OuterCircle)
    Dim pnCtr As New Pen(My.Settings.Shot_Color_CenterMark)
    Dim pnDist As New Pen(My.Settings.Shot_Color_RadiusLine)

    Dim lineDash As Single() = {3, 3}
    Dim osDash As Single() = {1, 1}
    pnDist.DashPattern = lineDash
    osPn.DashPattern = osDash
    ' Create a bounding rectangle and make its center the center of our point
    ' Then make its width 2 * the radius
    ' Then draw our ellipse
    Dim hole As New Rectangle(center.X - radius, center.Y - radius, radius * 2, radius * 2)
    Dim perHol As New Rectangle(center.X - radius - 2, center.Y - radius - 2, radius * 2 + 4, radius * 2 + 4)
    _shotX = center.X
    _shotY = center.Y
    g.DrawEllipse(inPn, hole)
    g.DrawEllipse(osPn, perHol)
    g.DrawLine(pnCtr, New Point(_shotX, _shotY + 1), New Point(_shotX, _shotY - 1)) 'draw vert line
    g.DrawLine(pnCtr, New Point(_shotX + 1, _shotY), New Point(_shotX - 1, _shotY)) 'draw horiz line
    g.DrawLine(pnDist, _poaX, _poaY, _shotX, _shotY)

    Dim newFont = New Font(_font, 8)
    Dim textSize As Size = g.MeasureString(txt, newFont).ToSize
    g.FillRectangle(Brushes.White, New Rectangle(New Point(x, y), textSize))
    g.DrawString(txt, newFont, Brushes.Black, x, y)

End Sub
End Class

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Shot Count Class

Public Class ShotCount
    Sub New(ByVal g As Graphics, ByRef center As Point, ByVal radius As Integer, _font As String, txt As String)
        Dim newFont = New Font(_font, 8)
        Dim wBrush As New SolidBrush(Color.White)
        Dim bBrush As New SolidBrush(Color.Black)
        Dim textSize As Size = g.MeasureString(txt, newFont).ToSize
        g.FillRectangle(wBrush, New Rectangle(New Point(center.X, center.Y), textSize))
        g.DrawString(txt, newFont, bBrush, center.X, center.Y)

    End Sub
End Class

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mPictureBox Paint:
        For Each b As Point In shotList
            Dim _Bullet As New Bullet(e.Graphics, b, cboCaliber.EditValue / pLineDist() / 2, n)

        'SHOT number
        For Each s As Point In ShotCount
            Dim _shot As New ShotCount(e.Graphics, s, cboCaliber.EditValue / pLineDist() / 2, "Consolas", _s)

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