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Sonicpoint wifi and guest vland on 1 cisco switch

Is it possible to configure a Sonicwall sonicpoint INTERNAL WIFI and GUEST WIFI networks on the same L2 switch as the Internal LAN network.

I have 1 Sonicwall TZ 300, and one SG 300 Cisco switch.
X0 is LAN
X0:V2 is a lan sub interface for desktops
X0:V3 is internal WIFI
XO:V4 is where I want the guest network.
Sonicwall is handling all dhcp scopes

The L2 Cisco is connected to X0 and has

I am able to get it configured, but am running into an issue where by only V3 works and not V4 as its unable to get a dhcp address from the sonicwall.
So I'm thinking I need a second switch dedicated for wireless? Example, configure X4 as WLAN and create all sub interfaces there, then connect a second dedicated wifi switch to X4, using a static ip on the switch,  then trunk and tag the switch, then connect the WAP to their own trunk and tagged port.

The video here is helpfull but does not talk about how the sonicpoints should be connected to a switch to allow for a wifi and guest virtual network.
* SwitchCiscoSonicWall

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