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Has anybody been able to get the Sony EVI-D70 camera work with Skype on either a Windows or Mac?  I have tried the Startech SVID2USB23 and the Hauppauge USB-LIVE2 adapters using both S-Video and Composite luck.  Skype will not pick up the camera.  It recognizes both adapters but won't connect to the video.  If I try the same camera with Google Hangouts, Webex, GoToMeeting and Join.Me, all those services find the camera with no problems using either adapters.  I have tried changing the webcam settings, downloading obscure drivers, etc., and nothing works.  I have tried Win 7, 8 and luck.  Mac OS 9 and luck.  If I call Sony, they say they are not responsible for Skype.  If I call Skype, they say they have a list of approved webcams on their site.  If you are using a non-approved webcam, they cannot help.

Please advise.
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Your SONY video cam only supports a resolution of 640 x 480. Skype video call will only work on higher resolution of at least 720p. This might be the reason why your video cam does not work.

Try the workaround above but I am not sure that it can work on latest version of Skype to customize video chat resolution to a lower value.

The above is just an educated guess but if Skype client has code to validate hardware for video Skype call, the above workaround is not likely to help at all. Sorry.


Don't buy this camera....simple and to the point.

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