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Sony EVI-D70 and Skype

Has anybody been able to get the Sony EVI-D70 camera work with Skype on either a Windows or Mac?  I have tried the Startech SVID2USB23 and the Hauppauge USB-LIVE2 adapters using both S-Video and Composite luck.  Skype will not pick up the camera.  It recognizes both adapters but won't connect to the video.  If I try the same camera with Google Hangouts, Webex, GoToMeeting and Join.Me, all those services find the camera with no problems using either adapters.  I have tried changing the webcam settings, downloading obscure drivers, etc., and nothing works.  I have tried Win 7, 8 and luck.  Mac OS 9 and luck.  If I call Sony, they say they are not responsible for Skype.  If I call Skype, they say they have a list of approved webcams on their site.  If you are using a non-approved webcam, they cannot help.

Please advise.
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Don't buy this camera....simple and to the point.