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Problems Watching Movies using DSL - is it the movie provider fault? PC fault? Router fault? Something else?

How can I troubleshoot my movie viewing problems and determine if the issue is on my PC? or my internet provider? or the Movie provider?
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if you have speed problem, download  Speed Test from below and post your speed information to this page.

what problem are you experiencing during watching movies ?  please describe more.
Hook up your computer directly to the ISP modem (bypass your router) and test the movie this way.

Does the movie speed improve?  You may need a much faster router.
Hi brothertruffle880
could you post a link to the movie for me to test it?
Watching movies online could have many different methods all depending on different things, where the movie is hosted, what traffic is accessing it at what time of day, what format it is. Is it public free to watch .
Is the movie using it's own player like youtube or a player on your system?
What problems are you having?
Is the movie itself a bad quality?
Could be your system missing a codec could be DGM in place. So all these little things can add up to a problem watching movies online.
Which browser do you use?
In my own experience, stuck at the end of a DSL line, DSL is not fast enough to watch video.  Unless, perhaps, you're on an extremely fast service tier - 3 Mbps and up.

Movie-quality video is usually encoded 1.5 Mbps and higher, so a DSL line would have to be (a) reliable and (b) at least twice that fast to pump video without interruption.
Watching movie over wifi needs a 300mbps router or 5ghz wifi with a DSL line download speed greater than 10mbps
...if the issue is on my PC? ...
Try on another computer on same network, possibly mobile device if Movie provider supports it. Make sure you select same quality options

or my internet provider?
Run speedtest and check speed. For streaming SD you should have a 4Mbps ADSL line atleast
ISP might also throttle/shape your connection, try a VPN to test

or the Movie provider?
If it is a big provider you can probably rule this out but you can test on another device on another network connection
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I think the TV Show/Movie provider is  the source of the problem.

Whether it's a movie or a tV show here's what happens from "Content Provider X":
1.  Commercials come in loud, clear and uninterrupted.
2.  TV Shows, and movies do not!  I watch a few minutes and then they stop. I get that friggin spinning thing in the middle of the screen. and then after a few seconds, I get the movie again. for a few minutes.  Then again, spinning thing with no movie.
3.  Commercial time comes.  FLAWLESS reception with no interruptions
1. While Content provider X is messing up and I'm waiting for the spinner thing to resolve itself and disappear , i open up another browser and watch YouTube. Youtube comes in uninterrupted and with good resolution.  Long videos, short videos, doesn't matter.
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Thanks again Merete!!!!
Have a great weekend.
Thanks brothertruffle880 same to you :)