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Icloud setup on iphone 6s+ and 5s

Excellearner asked
Last Modified: 2018-03-21
Dear Experts,

I have the following two iphones:

1. Iphone 6s+  - UK Itunes account
2. Iphone 5s – India Itunes account

Both the above have the same Icloud account. The purpose of having the same icloud account is to have uniform iphone contacts/notes.

My UK itunes account will be the main phone holding the primary icloud account. My iphone 5s (with India itunes account) will have the secondary priority.

Now I have had challenges to setup as above in my two iphones.

My iphones 6s+ does not give me any message. But my iphone 5s gives me the attached message.

Can anyone please help me fix the issue.

Thank you.
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John, thank you

Do you have the same version of IOS on both phones? Yes, both have iOS 10.2.1 version.

Did you approve the request from the other phone? What are the exact steps I need to follow in either/both the iphones. Kindly advice.

Thank you
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
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Yes, I have the same version on both phones (10.2.1). When my phones interact (because of the same software and same iTunes connection) I have to approve on the other phone if requested.

I do not have your two country location issues however.