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I have a home lab Hyper-V installation using a couple of old i7 laptops which works really well, however as laptops only have 1 nic is it possible to  connect a switch to it for more NICs. My issue is I dont understand how I can add more.

I thought I could add a load of vLANs to the switch and then uplink one to the hyper-v server and add multiple vNICs to the server via virtual switch manager on each of th vLANs, but apparently you can only add one external NIC and put it onto the switch where the port is set to the vlan.

Any ideas if this is possible and how to achieve it?
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you can add addition usb LAN's

the other thing is it's can be done with creating an external switch with seperate  Vlans

see the following article.

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You can install some USB NIC adapter on laptop

USB 2.0 to 10/100 Mbps RJ45 Ethernet NIC LAN Network Adapter

Nic is going to be available in your HYPER-V switch configuration to configure additional virtual network adapters.

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