Web development graduation project suggestions?

Inass Husien
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I'm a year away from my graduation, and I have no idea what to do as my graduation project..
I don't just want to pass, i want something new, challenging and nothing typical.
I'm from Libya, and everyone around here just make purpose-less websites..
Any suggestions, please?
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So you have both PHP and .NET Programming listed as topic areas for this question. Since you seem to be talking about websites as a graduation project, is it correct to assume that you can develop either a PHP or an ASP.NET website, and that you are equally capable of developing in either language?

There are plenty of things that are new and challenging and plenty of things that are not typical, but it's increasingly difficult to come up with an idea that nobody's ever had before. I think it is interesting that you define your criteria as "new, challenging, and nothing typical" but your biggest criticism of your fellow students' work is that their websites are "purpose-less."

If you want to stand out, maybe the better criteria for yourself should be to make something purposeFUL. In other words, build something that will be useful to someone else. With that said, if you simply need ideas of what other people need, you should try checking out some websites that list freelance coding projects. Those projects are specifically what people in the real world are asking for, and from there, you might be able to put together a general idea of an application or website that might be useful.

Also bear in mind that the technology doesn't always have to be the innovative part. Sometimes, the best innovation comes from using existing technology in a new way - discovering useful content that nobody ever thought to gather before. For example, the United States has been experiencing an overwhelming surge of "fake news" (web sites that look like real media outlets but are built for propaganda of some kind). A few people have been working on ways of using technology to identify what is fake news and what isn't. Maybe there's a niche in there for somehow giving people a way to trust or mistrust the information they are reading.

Or maybe the world would benefit from technology that better exposes ideas that are often hidden due to under-funding.
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer
Just take a look at the jobs postings in your country...find out the activities of the companies that hire web developers and create an application - site that might interest them...


Jonathan H, I am equally able to develop in both asp.net and php.
I did try to look for any problems that need solving around here and couldn't find any that would suite my taste or they would just need a simple website.. i don't know, it's just that nothing inspired me
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Here's a link to Sam Roweis' collection of handwritten arabic numerals:

Create a web site that uses the HTML5 canvas with mouse movements to "write" numbers.  Use Sam's data sets for training and testing to create a machine-learned class that determines what the client wrote on the canvas.  Think fingertip on the retailer's iPad.

Reading handwritten numbers is considered a "solved problem" in optical character recognition, but the addition of machine learning makes this problem interesting, because your scripts that learn to read handwriting can be generalized to learn from other data sets.  Machine Learning and Data Science are hot topics today, because the same algorithms that can be trained to read handwriting can be trained to recognize a cat in a picture, or trained to recognize images in the visual field of a live-action camera, and by recognizing details of the image, know to turn the steering wheel of an autonomous car.

Here is a picture of one of Sam's "8" characters that I've used in my study of handwritten numbers.  I've cropped it and exploded the central part to show that the image is made up entirely of numbers, and that means that images are within the realm of computability.  Sam's character sets contain 28 x 28 pixel grayscale images.
One of Sam Roweis "training" 8s
Here is a picture (screen capture) of one of my early efforts at recognizing the handwritten numbers.
Trying to recognize the number "8"
Here is a picture of one of my early efforts at recognizing a cat.  I think I still have some work to do here!
A poorly trained cat recognition result
Image recognition at Google and Facebook was getting pretty good in 2016.  However image generation is not as certain.  Here's the sort of thing we get when we try to turn the algorithms around and get the computer to create a picture of a cat.
A "cat" generated by AI algorithms
Whatever you choose, best of luck with your project!


Ray Paseur, i really like the idea, I'll put it in mind. There has been a move around here  to try and increase Arabic resources online so if i could do this it could do a lot of help. Thank you :)
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer

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