How to edit a pdf file?

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I am emailed two pdf files once per month. I need to somehow edit these files. I have no idea how this can be done?
I did figure out that I can convert a pdf file to word using this website:
and then using MS word convert it back to a pdf.

Can someone suggest other ways to get this doe? Is their just one piece of software I can but that will let me edit pdf files directly?
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
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For simple changes you can use Adobe Acrobat. That works.

For extensive changes, what you are doing already is a good way.
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It depends on how extensive the edits are. Key point is that PDF is not a good format for editing content. For a one-time edit...and when you don't have the source document...and when the edit is minimal...I can see it. But whenever folks tell me that they are getting PDFs on a regular basis (such as monthly), my advice is to go back to the sender and request the source docs, which are typically created in Office products like Excel and Word — those are formats meant for editing.

But if that's not possible, there are numerous products/techniques you can try. You've already discovered the convert-to-Word and convert-back-to-PDF method, but that usually does not create a good result, because PDF-to-Word conversion is tricky business – maintaining the formatting/layout is tough stuff and I haven't found anything that is perfect. Here's an EE post of mine that discusses numerous PDF-to-Word products:

For direct editing of PDF, John already mentioned Acrobat. Other products are Nuance Power PDF (I recommend the Advanced version, discussed in this EE article and this EE video ) and CAD-KAS PDF Editor (I recommend the Objects version).

Btw, exactly what are you trying to edit? If you can attach a page of the PDF (being careful, of course, not to post any private/sensitive material), and tell me what you're trying to edit, I can try it with several tools — I have Acrobat, Power PDF Advanced, PDF Editor Objects, and more. I'll let you know what works well — if anything does. Regards, Joe
Tom CieslikIT Engineer
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First, you need to make sure that PDF document is not locked for edition (Read Only)
If not then you can use Adobe Acrobat and export it to Word document, edit then save as PDF again.

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