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how can i show the world that i created an article first.
therefore i am writer of article not just copy and paste

is there a submission tool to google that will let the world know (not just google) that i have/had original content
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I think it depends where was published first time, what authority supervised it and published it.
For example, have a look here:

Here is a more complex situation with more contributors:


That example was about debating science cures.

My question was more about words on Internet where google or robot can crawl. Easier to prove
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What you are talking about is a copyright claim. First publication date helps, you also need to show that it is copywritten i.e. a copyright notice somewhere within the document

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There is a "Save page now" option at the website archive project "Wayback Machine" https://archive.org/web/ that you could use to help support any claim to copyright. It would help you prove your content existed at a particular date in the past.

To prove it to Google, you could submit the URL for the page to the Google Search Console for indexing. You could try this Google page too. Bing has a similar tool for submitting a site I believe.
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Print it out and get it notorized.  That will prove the date.


best answer was clicking on computer

other 2 answers also prove I am first

thanks all

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