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Negative isnull?

I have a stored procedure that selects details from a customer file to build a full name and full address.
The select statement interposes spaces and commas into the full address.
ALTER  PROCEDURE [dbo].[sp_Name_Addr] 
(isnull([FirstName],'') +' '+	ISNULL([LastName],'')) as Fullname, 
(ISNULL([StreetNumber],'') + ' ' + ISNULL([Address],'')+','+ ISNULL([Suburb],'')+','+ISNULL( [PCode],'')+','+ ISNULL([State],'')+','+ ISNULL([Country],'')) as FullAddr,[ID], [Status]
FROM [tblCustomer]
Where Firstname is Not null
and Status <> 'Expired'
ORDER BY Fullname

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Some of the addresses have null in street number.  This means that the full address commences with a space.  
Tried to put NOT isnull(streetNumber,' ') into the select statement but the NOT is not accepted.
Any suggestions?
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Ryan Chong
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you need to include ltrim and rtrim functions into ur sp
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Ryan Chong
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LTRIM worked fine in my stored proc.