Looking for help with database searching

We are looking for someone to help us with a program like Microsoft access, to help create a database of our customers and our suppliers, and be able to match the two by using search criteria
Jason BoatmanAsked:
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Hi Jason,

Not sure what the other experts have to say about this but after reviewing your question, I believe your project is better suited to a "Gig" instead.  You can post a project using the following link :


Also, it would help if you could provide further background into the scope of your project as well.  Some simple examples :

1. Do you have table structures already outlined for your Vendors and Customers?
2. How many records do you have for each?
3. How is the data currently captured and managed?
4. What are the search-matching criteria you mentioned?
5. What do you want to achieve?

Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.


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Nitin SontakkeDeveloperCommented:
Furthermore, "search" is a very generic term and open for very wide range of speculations. For example, do you want phonetic search? So if name is entered as "Lucifer", do you expect it to be shown when you search "Lucy"? Do you want distance search for example, if name is entered as "John Deere Integration Systems Pvt. Ltd.", do you expect it to be shown when you search "John Systems"? If yes, distance of how many words 1, 2, etc.

The reason to bring this up is such capabilities do exist in ElasticSearch database and if you make your requirements clear upfront, potential solution provider may take that path.

It is also possible that potential solution provider is unaware of such solution (as I was at some point in the past!) and may try to implement this through code using MS-Access or SQL Server for storage.
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
Something else to consider is that you have be more precise about the search because Access is not Excel where all the information is laid out in front of you and you simply press Ctrl-F....Access requires that you know what you search ...you can't just scroll up and down to find the missing info.
Access is great for almost all kind of Business application but is not something to treat litely...you want expertize with detailed requirements in order to create an application that suits your needs....but trust me on this when the application finishes and you start using it and realize its power and how it helps with your job ....let say...search functionality will be quickly hidden in a sub-submenu
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
Given the fact that the author wanted a ready made solution the proposal for Gig was the best..
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