CISCO ASA 5505 double Wan


I would like to know if it is possible to configure a CISCO ASA 5505 with 2 different WAN :
- WAN 1: SDSL link 2Mb to an ISP
- WAN2:  VDSL link 18Mb to another ISP

WAN2 will be used for internet surf, O365 mailboxes
WAN 1 will be used for a separate IpSEC link to an external site

It is possible to configure the ASA 5505 for this use?

Thank you very much
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Joseph HornseyPresident and JanitorCommented:
I don't see why not.

For the SDSL link:

1. Configure it with a security-level 0
2. Give it a name
3. Configure the external IP for that ISP
3. Create a route that points to that ISP for traffic going to the other endpoint's outside interface
4. Configure the IPSec tunnel as normal - crypto map, transform set, ACL, etc.

For the VDSL link:

1. Configure it with a security-level 0
2. Name it 'outside'
3. Configure the external IP
4. Point route to that ISP's gateway.

That should do it, I think.
gadsadAuthor Commented:
THank you very much

But how do you tell to the ASA that O365 mail traffic and regular Web surfing will go to the VDSL?  

It there something special to order for the double Wan option (special licensing of the ASA) or is the option included standard in the product?

THank you again
gadsadAuthor Commented:
I guess that for 2 WAN/ISP and IsPEC tunnel I need the "CISCO ASA 5505 SECURITY PLUS" licence
It that OK ?
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Joseph HornseyPresident and JanitorCommented:
This expert suggested creating a Gigs project.

You shouldn't need the Security Plus license.  You're not doing any kind of failover and IPSec functionality is included in the base license, so that should be okay, too.

Regarding the traffic, you  don't really need to specify what traffic goes where other than the traffic specifically destined for the other private network via the IPSec tunnel.  Everything else will go out to the internet.

Are you comfortable setting this up?  If not, we can set up a Gig through Experts Exchange where I can help you set it up.
gadsadAuthor Commented:
I am looking for IPSec for also for dual WAN (2 different ISP)

Are you sure dual WAN is included in the base licence?
Regarding traffic I want IPSec tunel traffic go through Wan1 and regular Internet traffic (web surf, download, ect...) go through Wan2

THank you
Joseph HornseyPresident and JanitorCommented:
The Security Plus license gives you three things:

1. 15 extra IPSec tunnels, which you don't need
2. An extra 15,000 concurrent connections, which you'll probably never hit
3. Redundant ISP support, which doesn't really apply here.

The way I'm suggesting you configure this treats the secondary ISP connection as any other network segment connected to the ASA.

The only time the Security Plus license would apply for dual ISPs is if you're attempting to use two ISPs exactly the same way (i.e., as your connection to the internet) so that if one fails, the other will be used.  That's not what you're doing.  You're simply using one connection for a L2L VPN tunnel.

Quick question:  Do you have any other connectivity options?  I have several clients who use L2L VPN tunnels, SSL remote access VPNs, etc.  We just have an internet connection from the local cable company that gives them around 100Mbps of bandwidth.  It's a much simpler deployment and a heck of a lot faster.

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Joseph HornseyPresident and JanitorCommented:
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