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The company I work for has a MS Access based system that keeps track of the work we do but a new government regulation makes it necessary for supervisors to sign a certificate confirming jobs have been checked. Generating the certificate (Report) from the Access system will be easy but I am looking for ideas on whether it's possible to generate it in a format that the user can sign on a mobile phone and email back to us. I know that there is some way of inserting a signature field in a PDF but I don't know what is needed to do that from MS Access. Or is there an alternative?
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Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
You can create a PDF from an Access report, but as far as showing it on a phone, you'd have to use 3rd party software to do that (and most likely some sort of custom application, if you want the phone to automatically email it somewhere after signature). Access can work on phones, but you must use a Web App, or some sort of 3rd party RDS type of system. Even then, it's not well suited for phone use.
A signature in an PDF is a pice of cryptographic data embedded into the PDF file. More precise it's a checksum over the document and a timestamp, encrypted with the secret key of the signer. That could be decrypted with the corresponding public key and allows to verify that the document is approved and unchanged since signing.

To handle that, you'll need to use some PDF management library which allows to manage signatures. Yo'll have to knit that into vour Access code and the signing app on the mobile
Rob4077Author Commented:
Probably more complex than I need. Perhaps if I clarify what I was hoping to achieve.

After the job is completed the supervisor needs to visit and check to confirm it's done. I was hoping to be able to email him a pre-filled report containing the required data for him to date and sign. Problem is that to make use of it he needs to be able to print, sign and either return the hard copy or photograph it and return. We then need to email that to the customer. I could "cheat" and add a JPEG of his signature on all reports once he's verified they're correct but I would prefer his signature (low tech JPEG or alternative is fine) on the document. I have been told iPads have some way of inserting a simple signature field and I think even Google Forms has the provision. I was hoping there would be some easy-ish way of doing it with a PDF form. I think I have received PDF forms before that I could sign on my phone, save and return to sender.

Sounding like it's not an option
I keep scanned signatures in a secured folder.  When someone "approves" something, I prompt them for their approval password and then I update the record with their approval datetime and add the name of their signature file to the document so it prints in a bound object frame.  Until the document is approved, the Bound Object Frame has no file name and so prints empty.

You could handle the exchange by email.  The user just needs to be able to confirm he is who he says he is.  Then you can embed his signature electronically.

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Rob4077Author Commented:
Cool. That will work. Thanks Pat
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