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Outlook duplicate email


If i am using outlook 2007 & add one Email ID to two different groups.After that i got a mail from that email id.I have receive 2 mail from or only one mail ?
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Sajid Shaik M
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could you please brief how added single email id to 2 different groups ?
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Tamilarasu P


If i have a two labels in my outlook .pst file.For example--> I have a "Home" & "work" label.If i add email id to home & work sent mail to me and then i receive one mail from or two email from
ok you means

you have created 2 groups and assigned email id    group 1 = home  pointing to
                                                                                           group 2 = work    pointing to

and configured in Outlook bothe ID's ... is it this you mean ?
Yes correct shaik.
The question is when you configure outlook it'll configure only one mailbox that is

thats fine but when you send Email to from out side it should recieve single E-mail as mail box is only one ... the groups forwarding is the internal process.

all the best
other email id has receive only one mail without duplicate mail but only one email id has receive duplicate mail (2 copy).
please send the screen shot of out look mail box and email header for duplicated mail ...

Sometimes setting things up or making changes in Outlook will cause duplicates.
Patience usually fixes that....
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Tamilarasu P

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