VBA or Script to identify files which are duplicate in a folder

Flora Edwards
Flora Edwards used Ask the Experts™
i have a very tricky situation with my files.

i have a folder which has duplicates like this, how can i delete one copy of them and delete the other so that there is unique left?

is there any way to do this automatically without manual process?


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Rob HensonFinance Analyst

I don't have any suggestions as that is not my field but no doubt the question will be asked; how will you determine which file to keep and which to delete?

Rob H

VBA could do the trick,

enumerate all files in two loops, compare MD5 hash of the two files. Delete if the same.
To reduce system load, only compare if first x letters of the file name (maybe 3 or 5?) are the same.
However, you will NOT have a choice for the file name (if the shorter file name is prettier, but it's the one in the first loop, you obviously can't delete it).
Top Expert 2016

I would use a utility like beyond compare
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Or you can use this simple ExcelDupeCleaner I threw together for you.
Flora EdwardsMedicine


thanks everyone.

MacroShadow Solution was absolutely perfect.  thanks very much. this is extraordinary
You're welcome, glad to help!

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