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how to do this Excel search box Soundex Search

i have downloaded the attached file from https://optionexplicitvba.com/2013/05/04/the-excel-lab-soundex-search/

i need help with modification of this, so that instead of this box and chart, i just have a search box and when i type something it gives me the list of possible soundex match and then once i click on the desired one, it just puts that value in my search box.

i hope this is easy.
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Martin Liss

8/22/2022 - Mon
Martin Liss

So right now on the sheet you have a textbox, a listbox and a chart. I understand that you want to remove the chart but I'm not sure of what else you want to do. Are you saying that for example if you typed "win" in the textbox and then you selected "Edwin" from the listbox, that you want "Edwin" to replace the "win" in the textbox?
Martin Liss

I just saw that you have a couple of userforms, so I guess I need a better explanation of what you want to have happen.
Flora Edwards

sorry Martin for confusion.

i have attached clean copy without user forms.

here is a gif link that shows what i need.
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Martin Liss

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Flora Edwards

best solution.

thanks Martin.
Martin Liss

You're welcome and I'm glad I was able to help.

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