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I've got a problem with Excel, PowerShell and AD (2008 or 2012).
In AD, we have some users with an address on 2 lines (See 2-LINES.JPG attached).

In Excel, I use ALT+ENTER (or "Wrap up automatically" button) to make the return (See 2-LINES-EXCEL.JPG).

Then, I save the file in csv with  coma format.

When I lauch my script (this is a part of the script) : New-ADUser -StreetAddress $_.streetaddress
The address is on a signle line.

What should I do to make the address on two lines ?

Thank you for your help !

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In the csv you can add `r`n between the two lines like below.
"This is the first line`r`nThe Second"

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You can also open CSV in Excel and use this formula

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Testing either of those solutions doesn't work for me.  PS just treats the `r`n literally and that gets put in the streetaddress attribute.

Odd thing is, I could've sworn that I had previously done an import of a multiline attribute where lines were just separated by a newline (`n), but it's not working now so my memory is probably just wrong.

When you export a multiline attribute like streetaddress to a .CSV using PS, you see that the lines are separated by <CR><LF> (`r`n).  The only way I've been able to get this to work is to do a replace operation on the imported .CSV data (which has the newline separator as in the original question).  Partial code for just the replace operation:
-StreetAddress "$($_.streetaddress -replace "\n","`r`n")"

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Fred AcmeIT Technician


Hello !

Thank you everybody for your help.

I'll test it rapidly.
Fred AcmeIT Technician



Your command is great !

I used it yesterday and all my accounts are OK :)

Thank you !

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