Office 2016 - Shared Folders not showing up when logging in as admin

We have a plug-in that for some reason will not enabled unless logging into Word as Administrator (right click - choose run as Admin).  The weird thing is that when logging in as admin the shared network folders will not show up.  They will only show up when logging in regular and we can still go to the network drive and the location to see them, but this defeats the purpose of having the shared drives.  Any thoughts?
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KimputerIT ManagerCommented:
Sadly, you still have to find out why the plug-in isn't working. Run as Admin runs in the same user space as that admin you're using. That means, the same network rights/mapped drives as if you would log in to that PC with that admin user. If that admin user didn't have the drive mapped/didn't have permission to that shared folder, it won't show up in the plug-in as well.
Searching for the root cause of the plug-in failure also means, no security issues (don't use admin unless necessary).
David_BlumbergAuthor Commented:
When running word as admin (we are not changed the person logging in since they have local admin rights) why would that affect network shares since they can still see them when going through network in word instead of just the share letters?

Thank you
KimputerIT ManagerCommented:
So you are saying, they CAN access the files, just not the mapped drive? That's "by design", ask MS.
David_BlumbergAuthor Commented:
Only when run as admin? this doesnt happen when run as admin is selected.  thank you
KimputerIT ManagerCommented:
You're describing weird things, but the root cause is still the plug in. Please contact the support dept of said plug-in developer. It should work without admin rights, ANY good form of any software should. The times of running everything as admin still stems from the Win98 times. Developers had about 20 years to catch up.

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