Visual Studio hangs on running project

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I am running Visual Studio 2015 on an Azure VM running Server 2012 R2. I have been designing an MVC project for a while with no problems. Recently VS has started to hang intermittently after I Ctrl+F5 to run the project. Sometimes VS stops running the project all together.
There are no breakpoints or build errors, and the problem arises before VS gets to any of my code.

I guess the problems are VS related but I have no idea how I would begin to locate the problem! Any suggestions?
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Does the problem persist after rebooting?

There's a VS collector process that runs in the background and can grow out of control. It eventually sucks up memory after a while (mostly commit) and can cause weird behavior.
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer
How about copying the project to your computer..if something in the VM is blocking your project then on your computer should run fine...
If it has the same behavior then probably an error that you probably chose to ignore is causing conflicts an eventually crashing VS
Hi ,

In the solution folder there is a hidden folder ".vs" ... try deleting it and re-open your solution.

If there's no indication of whose comment actually pertained to the solution and we're closing the question then I'd recommend splitting points evenly.


Unfortunately I had to restore the VM to a backup pre-problem. I have since copied (post-problem) code and the problem has gone. Not the solution that I was looking for and it has cost me significant time, but it has worked.

Your input was much appreciated.


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